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With some deviation for GCC nationals and people travelling from 33 countries spread across America, Europe, and Far East who are entitled for a visa on arrival, a valid visa – or else - is mandatory for all travelers to the UAE. The UAE visa is in the format of electronic visa. There are various types of visas, and the visitor’s purpose of entry usually regulate the kind of visa that one should register for. In fact, the condition and documentation process vary from one visa to another. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions that apply to all Dubai visa services. In order to apply for a Dubai visa online, the candidate, along with carrying a valid passport, must secure that he has not been blocked from entering the UAE or expelled from the country.

Our devoted team of visa adviser posses an perfect track record in dealing with all types of services related to visa UAE is here to serve you. With a large and up-to-date information of immigration rules and regulations,at Holiday Planner specify in different feature of visa application, let it be business, 14-day, 30-day or 90-day visa. If you ploy to tour Dubai or already settled here and want your family and friends to meet you, take full advantage of our visa provider team in Dubai will ease your chances of acquiring your Dubai travel visa application within minimum time limit.Beyond advising you through the visa policy from start to end, we also provide great assistance in applications to expand your stay in the UAE.

Special Note: Once you’re finished with online visa application booking process, mail us your documents to

How to Apply

If you’re not a national person of any GCC country, then you would need a Visa for Dubai and Holiday Planner makes it very easy and tension free. Having the past travel history and no criminal records from past five years makes you qualified for the Dubai visa. In case you haven’t visited abroad before, enhance the financial records of the business, profession or employment or an request from instant family member residing in UAE on family status, makes you eligible for the Dubai Visa.

To obtain quick Dubai Visa, clearly follow the 3 step procedure with Holiday Planner :

  1. Fill up our online visa application form asking for your name, nationality, primary contact address, travel date etc.

  2. For visa processing submit clear scanned relevant documents.

  3. Using a credit card make payment through our secured gateway.

Otherwise, you can also contact with us via email at or simply call us on +91-291-515 50 50 with your needs and other representative will take care of all the thing for you. For different payment methods, you can use other alternatives like bank transfer, PayPal or cash deposit to enjoy all the services.

When your application is submitted, it is analyzed firstly by our expert panel, and in case necessary, we’ll request you to make adjustments to revise the application ideal with extra information. Please keep extra details such as airline ticket, guarantor’s documents, or voucher indicating hotel booking ready with you. If all the steps are duly followed, we promise to get your visa submitted and prepared in no time.

Special Note : An extra amount will be charged as per visa type if Air Ticket / Hotel not booking with Holiday Planner.

Visa Info



  • Is it compulsory for me to purchase a visa to enter in Dubai as well as UAE?
    • Visa is compulsory for all non-UAE citizens to travel to UAE. If not, this is not suitable for citizens of the GCC nations, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman
  • Do the children need visa to enter UAE?
    • All children traveling with their non-UAE parent will require a visa to enter the UAE.
  • Who are qualified for visa on arrival in Dubai?
    • No previous engagement for visa is compulsory for nationals visiting to Dubai from certain European, North American, and Far East countries. These consists Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, France, Germany, Iceland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, UK, and USA, including others. Considering the list of visa-waiver countries is directed to revise, be sure to inspect with your local embassy or airlines service provider to amend yourself on the current visa policies, prior your visit to Dubai.
  •  How can I apply for a Dubai visa from other country?
     You can do this by applying online. Instead of you, your relative or friend in the UAE can also apply for a visa.
  •  What are the various types of visa services I can apply in UAE?
     Subject to the time or period of days you wish to spend in UAE, different types of visas consists tourist visa, transit visa, and visit visa.
  •  What are the utility of applying for services of visa through Holiday Planner?
     By contacting Holiday Planner for your visa application utility, you can abolish the need for a local sponsor in the UAE
     Minimum documentation
     Fast processing is either of the key highlights. In maximum instance, the visa processing grasp only three to four working days.
     No cash deposit is necessary
     Considering a paper visa is given prior the departure, this aid you for an untroubled arrival to UAE.
     Emergency visa services are made available
  •  Which documents are needed to apply for electronic UAE visa?
     For your electronic visa, you’ll have to give your passport-size coloured photo, along with a scanned copy of your passport with at least six months validity at the time of travel.
  •  Before how many days of my intentional visit to Dubai, I must apply for visa?
     Nevertheless it will take only 3 to 4 working days for the processing of your visa, it is suggested to apply for visa early. This will benefit for on-time processing of visa while satisfy you of a stress-free travel to UAE.
  •  Can I reserve my ticket prior applying or processing for visa?
     Yes, you can reserve your tickets to Dubai prior applying or processing for visa.
  •  Does UAE visa permit both entry and exit from airports in UAE?
     Valid visa qualify for both entry and exit from passing all UAE’s airports.
  •  How many days will it take to receive a visa?
     Visa applying usually take 3 to 4 working days. But this mainly depends on the prior submission of necessary documents as well as the gathering of suitable norms. Since a paper visa is given prior to the departure, this guide you for an undisturbed entrance to UAE.
  •  What about visa application fee?
     To explore about your visa application fee or analyse any visa-related problem, call our travel experts on +91 291 515 50 50 or +917737007000 or email to We’ll immediately answer to your query on visa.
  •  Is it viable for me to trace the status of my visa application?
     With the fruitful filling out of the visa application form, we’ll send you a verify email, along with a link. This, in return, will allow you to check the status of your visa application. You can also reach our visa agents to know your visa application status.
  •  Is visa fee refunded in case my application is rejected?
     This is not possible, as the UAE immigration authority do not re- compensate for the rejection of visa applications.
  •  Can I know the cause of visa rejection?
     No. The UAE immigration authorities, mostly, do not disclose the causes for the rejection of a visa.
  •  Can I reapply for visa?
     Yes, you can reapply for visa, hand over carefully meet certified norms.
  •  What is the way of collect visa?
     As soon as your visa is processed, it will direct to your email.
  •  Is it positive that I will get entry in UAE if I apply and get visa?
     It depends on the immigration authorities’ decision is based on the verification of your documents as well as some other norms at the point of entrance.
  •  What are the result of further stay without the renewal of visa in UAE?
     Besides facing legal actions and payment of hefty overstay penalty, you may not be apply for UAE visa further.

Terms & Condition

These terms and conditions form the legal point for Holiday Planner international visa services. By accepting your visa application through, you give your irreversible permit to approach our website and book our visa packages in line with and as per the following terms, which contains the entire contract between you (customer, client or applicant) and Holiday Planner. So, we request you to study and thoroughly understand all the necessities and control specify herein, before you choose Holiday Packages with us.

1. Scope & Procedures

Holiday Planner give all humans (mainly UAE residents), except for Qatar & Azerbaijan nationals, who desire to move to a foreign country with professional visa services. In this size, our expert visa advisors perfectly help clients to select the most relevant visa package, handle all documentation, and submit application on their side at the specific country’s consulate, thus ensuring the respected visa in a timely means.

Nevertheless, Holiday Planner will not be held liable if a consulate or embassy makes a postpone or fail to accept the visa for any reason that consists but not limited to:

  1. Imperfect application forms
  2. Inaccuracy or omission of information
  3. Missing or vagueness of valid supporting documents
  4. Non-booking of airline tickets

All or any charge suffered by the client due to the over mentioned will not be the responsibility of Holiday Planner. On your call, Holiday Planner can book air tickets as part of airport to airport.Except it’s not a compulsory defined by a consulate, it’s always desirable to buy airline tickets and book hotel accommodation upon the acceptance of your visa. Then after, we suggest you to verify with airlines for farther instructions, if you need to create a booking of transit flight for your ahead journey, as transit visa policies change depends on your nationality and the country you wish to travel.

2. Documentation

  • Before traveling, you must check that you’ve got all the documents required by the issuing authority to gain easy entry to the station you would plan to travel. Most of the countries need that your passport carry at least six months validity from the date when you decide to leave the country.

  • For the confirmation of your visa application, assure that you send your passport and all other related details within the prescribed timescale. By sending us your important documents, you accept to observe by all necessities and clear agree that Holiday Planner shall deliver these documents to you only after the finalizing of visa steps by the issuing authority.

  • Embassies mostly give appointments on first come basis. Appointments may vary if we do not receive all your related documents.

  • After finalizing all the procedures,Holiday Planner implement reasonable care and dedication in returning all your important documents including appointment letter, flight voucher, hotel voucher and travel insurance. It is your liability to grant its receipt via email. No further actions shall be done in the event if we do not receive your email on the same day itself. Then after, extra charges would be applied for any change.

  • Once you are in receipt of the visa, make sure that you contact us through email the same day itself, along with any difference identified in your documentation. This is very important, if you are failing to do so, that shall be consider as the acceptance of visa in the right manner. Evidently, Holiday Planner shall take no liability caused due to any obstruct from your side.

  • It would be your responsibility to inform us prior regarding any other requirements or changes in your tour plan. We do not take any liability in connection with your incapacity or failure to satisfy with any such necessity.

3. Fee & Payment Mode

In order to assist of our international visa services, you shall made payment of the processing fee as described by the issuing authority, apart from all connected service charges. When it comes to payment means, it can be run through a valid credit card, debit card or online bank transfer while certify that your payment will be processed and billed on rapid basis. Please be knowledgeable that this processing fee, with the visa application required, is subject to change without any earlier notice.

4. Processing Time

The processing of service time differs from country to country. All visa application processing time (including emergency services) defined by Holiday Planner are only evaluate, interpret in accordance with our several years of experience dealing with major consulates and embassies. The processing time usually starts the following day of receiving your visa application and except all or any public holidays. Immigration working days are from Sunday through Thursday. Further UAE and their relevant national holidays, an embassy or consulate may be closed without any previous notice. In addition, in no event, should Holiday Planner be held accountable for the delayed approval of your visa.

5. Approval and Rejection of Visas

Once we submit your visa application, all estimate associated with it are organized by the respective consulate or embassy. Apparently, the grant or denial of your visa is at the sole discretion of the issuing authority, and Holiday Planner possesses no legal capacity to provide assurance of your visa approval.

6. Policies on Cancellation & Refund

  • Succeeding the beginning of your visa file and acceptance of your visa application, all the payment made to the consulate or embassy on your behalf is non-repayable, no matter your visa is approved or not. The processing fee is reimburse only if you wish to cancel the service before forwarding your visa application to the issuing authority. In such cases, you may be designate for a partial refund equal to not more than 50% of the fee, as the refund does not cover any administration, service or banking charges.

  • After the consent of your visa application,Holiday Planner shall not be held answerable for any loss or refund in the event of any immediate change in policies by the Embassy or Consulate.

  • In order to cancel your visa application, log into your Holiday Planner account and click ‘Cancel’ or ‘Delete’ option or call our team directly on

    +91-291-515 50 50. Then after, in any event, we shall not repay credit card payment of more than one month old, but rather provide a service credit which can be used for any forthcoming visa application however made through Holiday Planner only.

  • The instructions on visa packages, pricing, and other details are written on the website are subject to change or amendments without any before notice. We, accordingly, request our clients and other related parties to view our website time to time and review our terms and conditions’ most up-to-date version.

7. Privacy Policy

Click here to view the Privacy Policy in relevance with our privacy practices for international visa services.

8. Use of Intellectual Property

  • All text, information, images and content mentioned in this website are sole proprietary to Holiday Planner and secured by copyright laws. We, therefore, bear the complete power to stop the entry to all or a part of the website at any time, without any notification, to settle technical issues or for any other purposes.

  • The users or visitors may observe the information present on the website. However, it is strictly forbided to use the matter or other materials present on the website for any such act as copying, publishing, altering, re-posting or selling. However, any illegal use of logo, trademark or company name may subject the user to penalties.

  • Holiday Planner is not responsible for the instructions or materials of any other web pages related to In addition, clicking the links of other web pages should be done at your own risk.

9. Applicable Law & Language

The UAE Law is the relevant law, which completely governs everything associated with this Terms and Conditions. Both parties finally accept that federal courts of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) will be the entire jurisdiction to solve any dispute or debate emerge from visa services provided by Holiday Planner.
Every correlation or notice about the use of our system must be in writing in the English Language only. Consequently, Holiday Planner is not liable for any inaccuracy or spelling mistakes in any paper provided in any other language other than English.

10. Indemnify

By building a doubt with Holiday Planner, the user agrees to indemnify Holiday Planner in non-compliance to any harm, expense or losses as a result of:

  • Encroachment of Holiday Planner’ Terms and Conditions
  • Duplicity by the client or his representatives or employees
  • Action, claim or proceeding by a third party in resistance to Holiday Planner due to the breaches or misrepresentations from the client’s side

11. Disclaimer

Holiday Planner, its contractors, partners or suppliers do not constitute that the materials provided on this website is best, thorough, or up to date. It is true that we make continuous effort to secure the exactness of its content, the website may carry certain blunders and errors. We disclaim all warranties regard to the visa instruction, software, and service packages listed on this website. This covers every implicit and express contract of non-encroachment and marketable

Holiday Planner does not guarantee that the products or service packages made accessible through this website is free of any mistake or virus and would accomplish your needs.However, by employing the new technological innovations, we try to satisfy you of a safe and unmoved booking experience with us.

12. Complaints

If you have any complaint or query related to our visa services, you can visit forthwith to our team on +91-291-515 50 50. Once you submit your application through Holiday Planner, you admit that you shall not post any objection or negative remark with regard to hindrance or rejection of visa by the issuing authority or by any other means on any of our social media pages, online or offline, without the above written approval of Holiday Planner.


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